Hi everyone!

My name is Nela and I come from Czech Republic. I am alt model, singer, actor, self-taught photographer, designer, painter and makeup artist. I cooperate with MOmag.cz as model and as well as photographer. I am artist with all my soul - every art which I create, is my life and I can't live without it.

I started with modeling as small child but I don't perceive it as something more than fun. For few years I stopped to devote modeling but later it truely missed me. So in 2011 I flirted with modeling again. My model pseudonym is FireFairy.

I wanted to try to stand on the other side of camera and it overcame me. Nela Griminelli is my photography pseudonym.

I devote singing from my 6 years and I was member in few bands.
I love theatre and films from my childhood - I acted in school theatre and studied theatre.

Painting is just my hobby and passion as all art. My images are surreal and inspired by my dreams, dark side of my mind and imagination. As a painter I am using pseudonym Macabre von Violet.

Hope you like me and my art.

Wish you nice day!